Our Programs

RMFI is a leader in completing environmental restoration and watershed projects in Southern Colorado. Land management agencies at the local, state, and federal level seek us out for our innovative trail and restoration solutions and our ability to leverage dwindling financial resources and rally community volunteers to accomplish the work. While we work throughout Southern Colorado and the Colorado Plateau, we focus the majority of our efforts in the Pikes Peak region.

Community Volunteer Stewardship Program: RMFI believes the future protection and restoration of our public lands lies in cultivating an ethic of public lands stewardship. Through our Community Volunteer Stewardship Program we engage a broad spectrum of the community in the hands-on restoration of our treasured natural areas. We work with well over 2,000 volunteers annually who contribute 25,000 hours ($510,000+ worth of labor) towards the stewardship of our parks, forests, and open spaces.

Experiential Education: Every year, more than 1,500 youth ages 11 to 24 participate in single and multi-day educational experiences with RMFI. RMFI employs youth through engaging youth corps crews. The 30-day Earth Corps program provides course credit through the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. RMFI also works with at-risk youth.

Restoration Research: RMFI conducts monitoring and effectiveness research of restoration and erosion control techniques implemented at key project sites.  Findings are shared with the conservation community and inform and further the field of landscape restoration. Research is currently conducted at Pikes Peak, the Waldo Canyon burn scar, and Garden of the Gods Park.