Organizations in Colorado Receive Grants for Watershed Improvement

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Contact Information:
Colorado Watershed Assembly
Diane Kielty, [email protected]

Organizations in Colorado Receive Grants for Watershed Improvement Actions


Denver, Colorado, October 23, 2018 – Colorado Watershed Assembly (CWA) announces seven Colorado organizations will receive Colorado Healthy Rivers (CHRF) Fund grants for the 2018 grant cycle. These funds will support on-the-ground projects that contribute to cleaner water, healthier wildlife habitat, improved recreation and vibrant local economies throughout the State of Colorado.

The awardees for the 2018 grant cycle are:

  • Big Thompson Watershed Coalition award amount of $10,700 for their Rossum-Wilson River Restoration Community Revegetation Project,
  • Central Colorado Conservancy award amount of $14,750 for their Badger Creek Restoration Pilot Project,
  • Colorado Water Trust award amount of $15,000 for their Colorado Water Trust’s Poudre Flows Project,
  • Rio Grande Headwaters Restoration Project award amount of $15,000 for their Rio Grande Riparian Stabilization Planning Project,
  • Rocky Mountain Field Institute award amount of $28,000 for their Bear Creek Watershed Restoration Project,
  • Town of Carbondale award amount of $15,000 for their Carbondale Crystal River Restoration and Weaver Ditch Efficiency Project, and
  • Wildland Restoration Volunteers award amount of $19,604 for their Campbell Valley Watershed and Creek Restoration.

Casey Davenhill, Executive Director of the Colorado Watershed Assembly said, “Congratulations to recipients of 2018 Healthy Rivers Fund Grants. This highly competitive grant is awarded to local groups who are committed to working collaboratively with diverse interests in their community so we can all share the benefits of healthy streams, landscapes and people.” You can help support this fund by buying a ticket and joining CWA at the Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund Hoorah! on Wednesday, November 7th from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the Skylark Lounge in Denver or you can donate directly to the fund at HRF Donation.

The Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund grant program awards annual grants through a competitive application and review process. The program was established jointly by the Colorado Water Conservation Board and the Water Quality Control Commission, in cooperation with the Colorado Watershed Assembly. The Colorado Water Conservation Board is the state executive branch agency responsible for state water policy and planning. The Water Quality Control Commission is the administrative agency responsible for developing specific state water quality policies in a manner that implements the broader policies set forth by the General Assembly in the Colorado Water Quality Control Act.


The Colorado Watershed Assembly is a 501(c)3 Colorado corporation that supports collaborative efforts to protect and improve land, water, and other natural resources by providing the network to connect a diversity of interests with Colorado's watershed groups and other decision makers. To learn more about the Colorado Watershed Assembly visit