Citizen Science

Looking for a new way to volunteer with RMFI? Do you prefer measuring tapes over pick mattocks?


In 2017, RMFI launched a new restoration monitoring program overseen by independent contractor, Maggie Gaddis. Volunteer citizen scientists have taken to Garden of the Gods to measure RMFI's restoration efforts to facilitate our understanding of how the trails are changing over time and how our trail work influences that process. The program is expected to expand to additional project locations in subsequent seasons. 

For in-depth updates on this exciting new initiative, please check out Maggie's Citizen Science blog

If you are interested in learning more about being a part of this program, click on the video below to view an introduction to the program and access the full online classroom of training videos. To join the Citizen Science team, please contact program lead, Maggie Gaddis, at [email protected].


About Maggie Gaddis

Maggie Gaddis received her B.A. in Environmental Studies from Mount Holyoke College and an M.S. in Biology from the University of Denver. She is a PhD candidate in Education at the University of the Rockies. Maggie is currently an independent contractor serving as the project leader of the RMFI Citizen Science Program. She was a Waldo Canyon restoration monitor and field instructor in 2015.

Maggie teaches biology at the University of Colorado - Colorado Springs. She is also a member of the Bard College Citizen Science faculty. Her biological research involved biogeochemical analysis of soils and biota in post-restoration riparian sites. Her current research investigates citizen science training.