Education Programs

Environmental education lies at the heart of RMFI’s mission, providing the “why” behind the on-the-ground work. In addition to our primary education programs listed here, RMFI aims to integrate an educational component into every volunteer program. This varies with each program but is as simple as a brief geology talk in the Garden of the Gods to as complex as a hands-on hydrology lesson on Pikes Peak.

Dirt Camp

Each year, RMFI teams up as a partner to one of the many camp programs run by the Catamount Institute, a partner non-profit organization with the mission to develop ecological stewards through education and adventure. Dirt Camp is a summer day camp program that provides youth ages 10 to 12 the opportunity to immerse themselves in service and exploration within Garden of the Gods Park. 

Earth Corps Field Studies Program

RMFI's award-winning education program, Earth Corps is a field studies course run in partnership with the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs to provide motivated, environmentally conscious undergraduate students the opportunity to live and learn in the incredible natural classroom of the Colorado wilderness. For 30 days, participants live, work, and learn in a backcountry wildland environment while completing a critical environmental service project and earning 4 college credit hours in Geography and Environmental Studies.

Environmental Leadership Internship

RMFI’s Environmental Leadership Internship gives motivated undergraduate and graduate students a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience co-leading field-based trail and restoration projects throughout the Pikes Peak Region.

Fountain Valley Senior Seminar

Started in the late 90s, this program has been offering the graduating class of Fountain Valley School an opportunity for one last hurrah of camaraderie before graduation, while completing key environmental service projects in the Pikes Peak region. Every year students spend 4 days camping in a beautiful public lands site, learning about the geology and ecology of the area, and reconstructing trails and restoring damaged landscapes.

Pikes Peak Regional Crew Leader Training

Hosted through a collaboration between RMFI, the City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation, and Clutural Services Department, Friends of the Peak, and Trails and Open Space Coalition, the Pikes Peak Regional Crew Leader provides motiviated volunteers the skills and opportunities to help lead safe and effective trail and restoration projects throughout the region with a variety of agencies. The training consists of an intensive weekend-long training held each year in April and subsequent certification process during which participants co-lead projects under the supervision of expert and professional crew leaders with RMFI and FOTP.

Technical Training Courses

As the region's technical experts in our field, RMFI is a leader in providing advanced training courses aimed to increase the skill sets of trail and restoration volunteers, certified Pikes Peak Region Crew Leaders, and partner organizations.