Fountain Valley Senior Seminar

An annual 4-day environmental service experience for the graduating class of Fountain Valley School.

Every spring, RMFI hosts 4-days of rock-hauling and dirt-moving environmental service work for the graduating class of Fountain Valley School. RMFI and FVS have partnered since 1997 to provide a unique, camaraderie-building experience for FVS seniors. With leadership from RMFI field instructors, FVS students complete critical trail improvements and restoration projects in environmentally-sensitive ecosystems in the Pikes Peak region. In addition to the on-the-ground service work, RMFI provides an environmental education component to deepen the students’ understanding of conservation and public lands stewardship.

To date, FVS students have completed impressive on-the-ground work at sites such as Shelf Road Recreation Area, Beaver Creek Wilderness Study Area, and Elephants Rocks Area of Critical Environmental Concern.