Youth Conservation Corps

RMFI partners with various Conservation and Youth Work Corps organizations to educate and provide technical training to the next generation of environmental stewards.
An Mile High Youth Corps team lends their muscle to trail improvements on Barr Trail in summer 2017

For the past decade, RMFI has been partnering with AmeriCorps-affiliated organizations that provide service opportunities, education, and job training to young adults aged 16 to 24. This mutually-beneficial working relationship with these teams enables us to accomplish impressive on-the-ground results via the dedicated multi-day and multi-week crews they provide while our expert field staff mentor the young participants with real-world on-the-job experience in conservation and public land stewardship.

Under the project management, instruction, and supervision of RMFI staff, crews from Mile High Youth Corps, Southwest Conservation Corps, and NCCC-AmeriCorps have joined us to protect fish habitat in the Bear Creek Watershed, mitigate erosion in the basins of Pikes Peak, perform post-fire restoration in the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest Burn Scars, make trail improvements to Barr Trail, construct sustainable fishing access trails at Lake Pueblo State Park, and work on the realignment of the Kit Carson-Challenger Ridge Summit Trail in the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range. Conservation and Youth Work Corps crews spend a minimum of one week with us on any given project, enabling us to work efficiently with trained and knowledgeable work crews at our project sites that are less-accessible for our single-day Community Volunteer Stewardship Program.

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