Humboldt Peak (14,064')

RMFI re-routed the summit trail on Humboldt Peak from steep, eroding terrain to a more sustainable location.
Before and after trail reconstruction on Humboldt Peak

A primary focus of the Rocky Mountain Field Institute is to develop strategies and techniques for mitigating climbing impacts in wilderness environs and restoring and/or reclaiming disturbed sites. RMFI has been working since 1992 to address the issue of climbing impacts on Colorado’s alpine peaks and basins. RMFI was a founding partner of the Forest Service's Colorado Fourteener Program and conducted hiking and climbing impact studies on all of  the peaks over 14,000 ft. in the early 1990s. RMFI has completed extensive trail construction and restoration work on peaks in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range.

Humboldt Peak, located in South Colony Lakes Basin, was one of RMFI's first 14er projects. The project included the stabilization and revegetation of a climber-created erosion gully between 12,000'-13,000', and the construction of a new summit trail. RMFI continues to do maintenance on Humboldt Peak and within South Colony Lakes Basin.