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We rely on the generous support of volunteers to help make the work we do possible. We offer many different ways to volunteer and would love to have you join us in whatever capacity makes sense to you and fits your needs!

COVID-19 Planning & Response

There have been many inquiries about giving back to our public lands during this time and we appreciate your enthusiasm! We will begin to host custom group workdays and community workdays beginning in April 2021! However, we will only offer a limited amount of volunteer opportunities due to group size limitations. Again, we appreciate your flexibility and understanding during this time. 

Please review our FAQs below in their entirety prior to registering for a volunteer day. And please feel free to email Volunteer & Partnership Coordinator, Savannah Robar, at [email protected], if you have any additional questions!

FAQ from Volunteers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

If you are part of an at-risk group, you are encouraged to continue to stay at home unless absolutely necessary. Also, if you live with or are in close contact with vulnerable individuals, we ask that you reconsider participating in RMFI activities at this time.

At this time, we are requiring all volunteers to wear masks when they are unable to maintain 6 or more feet away from a fellow volunteer, RMFI staff, or member of the general public. While working 6 or more feet away from another person, the volunteer may remove their mask. When not actively wearing a mask, we ask volunteers to keep a mask on their person (in their pocket, around their neck, etc.) to ensure that they can easily access it. 

We are allowing up to 25 volunteers to participate in our volunteer stewardship workdays!

Yes! RMFI is strongly suggesting that all volunteers register online to avoid unnecessary contact when exchanging paper copies of waivers and/or questionnaires.

If you are having trouble registering online, please contact Volunteer & Partnership Coordinator, Savanah Robar, at [email protected]!

Yes! When registering online, you will be prompted to sign an additional waiver related to COVID-19 as well as required to complete a mandatory screening questionnaire to self-assess your health and potential risk.

Most RMFI workdays have a minimum age requirement of 16, or 13 if accompanied by a parent/guardian volunteer. Some of our more difficult or strenuous projects will have an age requirement of 16 or 18 years. We also run a small amount of Youth Workdays each year for volunteers as young as 8 years old. On Youth Days, volunteers aged 8-13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian volunteer. Information on the age requirement for each individual workday will be listed on the calendar description!

If you are part of an at-risk group, you are encouraged to continue to stay at home unless absolutely necessary. Also, if you live with or are in close contact with vulnerable individuals, we ask that you reconsider participating in RMFI activities at this time.

Yes, definitely! We are able to accommodate up to 25 volunteers from your team or organization. Contact Volunteer & Partnership Coordinator, Savannah Robar, at [email protected] for more information!

In addition to what we usually require volunteers to bring, we ask you to bring your own work gloves, eye protection (protective glasses or sunglasses), mask, extra water (to avoid the use of a communal water jug), and hand sanitizer. 

All necessary items will be highlighted in your registration confirmation email from the Volunteer & Partnership Coordinator.

RMFI is only allowing volunteers to participate in projects where a 6-foot distance can be maintained at all times. This will limit the amount and location of various volunteer days.

RMFI will not permit you to volunteer with us if you are feeling sick, no matter the severity. A self-assessment of your symptoms is highlighted in our mandatory screening questionnaire through online registration.

If you become ill after registering to volunteer with RMFI, email Volunteer & Partnership Coordinator at [email protected] immediately to cancel your registration. You are not permitted to volunteer with RMFI if you are feeling sick.

All volunteers are required to monitor themselves at a minimum of 7 days prior to and the morning of their scheduled RMFI volunteer workday to certify that they are symptom free. In accordance with the CDPHE Safer at Home guidelines, we are requiring volunteers to:

  • Take their temperature
    • If a volunteer's temperature is at or above 100.4°F on the morning of the scheduled volunteer workday, they are not allowed to attend the workday. Volunteers should notify [email protected] that they are unable to attend the workday.
    • If a volunteer’s temperature is between 99.2°F and 100°F a minimum of 7 days prior to the volunteer workday, that volunteer must monitor their temperature twice a day until their scheduled workday. If their temperature increases above 100°F, they are not allowed to attend the volunteer workday. If their temperature remains between the previously stated range, we ask that volunteers do not attend the workday out of an abundance of caution. 
  • Assess themselves for symptoms
    • If a volunteer has a combination of two of the following symptoms on the morning of the volunteer day, they are not allowed to attend the workday. 
      • Dry cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, new loss of taste or smell, headache, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, fatigue, diarrhoea, runny nose.

A custom group workday is when an organization, company, or school schedules a day of stewardship for their members, employees, or students.

A community workday is when individuals can sign up for a workday with no group affiliation needed.

Community Engagement

Volunteer as an Individual

RMFI runs hundreds of project workdays and mobilizes thousands of volunteers each year in the healing and restoration of public lands throughout Southern Colorado, with an emphasis on the Pikes Peak region. RMFI provides stewardship opportunities for a variety of volunteers ranging in age, skill level, and interest. Our expert field instructors lead volunteers on workdays that not only accomplish impressive on-the-ground results, but are also a whole lot of fun. We couldn't do what we do without volunteers and would love for YOU to join us!

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Community Engagement

Volunteer as a Team

RMFI workdays are great team building activity, a wonderful educational experience, highly rewarding, and a lot of fun. If your school, place of work, or other type of group has multiple people that would like to volunteer together, RMFI provides opportunities to incorporate your group on our community volunteer stewardship workdays posted on our calendar or will work with you to schedule a custom group workday! Custom scheduling is best for group sizes between 10 and 25 and we request a time commitment of between 4-7 hours between the hours of approximately 8am and 3pm. Our preferred days for group scheduling are Wednesdays through Sundays. If your group's size or scheduling don't quite fit within these parameters, please ask us and we will see what we can fit. 

Group Volunteer Forms

To successfully submit, download the form that best represents your group, fill it out, and email to [email protected].

    Need More Info?

    If you're interested in volunteering either as an individual or as a group and need more info, don't hesitate to reach out to Savannah Robar, RMFI Volunteer & Partnership Coordinator, via email at [email protected] or by phone at 719-471-7736, ext. 4#.

    Other Ways To Volunteer

    We are slowly transitioning back to the office. If you are interested in volunteering with us in the office, please send a message to RMFI's Volunteer & Partnership Coordinator, Savannah Robar, and [email protected].

    Gear Volunteer

    RMFI is happy to welcome our Gear Volunteer, Jill Wohlbach, for the 2021 field season! Gear volunteers are asked to commit 3 to 5 hours a month from February through mid-December to help with equipment maintenance. Some examples of duties include properly sharpening tools, cleaning tools and gear of mud/dirt/rust, applying oil to steel tools, sanding and & re-oiling wooden handles, repairing tents and other camping equipment. If you are interested in learning more about the gear volunteer position, you can read the entire description here!  

    Contact Alex Hladkyj, RMFI Program Manager, at [email protected] to learn more.

    Photo Volunteer

    RMFI is proud to welcome Rob Hoff as our photo volunteer for the 2021 season! Rob is an avid outdoorsman and has participated in RMFI's annual nature photo contest in the past. If you are interested in volunteering as a photo or media volunteer, or if you have additional ideas to contribute to RMFI's mission and story, feel free to reach out to us!


    Contact Savannah Robar, Volunteer and Partnership Coordinator, at [email protected] to learn more.

    Have a Question about Volunteering?


    Please refer to the FAQs at the top of the page for the most accurate information regarding our updated COVID-19 policies and guidelines for volunteering with RMFI.

    Most RMFI workdays have a minimum age requirement of 16, or 13 if accompanied by a parent/guardian volunteer. Some of our more difficult or strenuous projects will have an age requirement of 16 or 18 years. We also run a small amount of Youth Workdays each year for volunteers as young as 8 years old. On Youth Days, volunteers aged 8-13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian volunteer. Information on the age requirement for each individual workday will be listed on the calendar description. 

    RMFI workdays are considered moderately strenuous or strenuous depending on project site and location. All workdays involve working in the outdoors for multiple hours with tools and often involve a walk or hike to and from the worksite from the parking area. Volunteers are encouraged to work at their own pace and breaks for lunch, snacks, and water are taken frequently and encouraged as needed. Volunteers accustomed to a reasonable level of physical activity are able to take part in most of our projects. Certain workdays that require a longer, more strenuous hike or more physically demanding work tasks on variable terrain are recommended to volunteers accustomed to a higher level of physical activity. Information regarding the physical demands of each project can be found in the workday descriptions on our calendar

    Volunteers are not required to have any prior experience. Our staff of professional field instructors will start each workday with an orientation, tool usage and safety talk, and provide oversight throughout the day. For this reason, it is required that volunteers show up on time!

    The majority of single day workdays run from approximately 8:30am to 3:00pm although some projects require a longer or shorter day. Custom group workdays must run for a minimum of 4 hours.

    Yes! RMFI asks that volunteers only register for workdays if they are able to commit to the full timeframe of that day. This is because we have a mandatory orientation, safety and tool talk at the very start of the day and because we hike in and out of the worksite together while all pitching in to carry tools and equipment. Our field staff will also assign specific tasks to smaller groups of volunteers and it is disruptive to the workday when volunteers are coming and going.

    For our community workdays listed on our calendar, volunteers may sign up through the calendar's online registration system.

    First-time users must create a basic account to log-in to the calendar and access the online registration. Once your account is created you may log in at any time and quickly and easily register for the workdays of your choosing. Upon registering, you will receive an email containing additional details you will need for the workday including directions, map links, pack list, and more!

    To sign up a group or 10 or more people for either a community workday or a custom group workday event, please contact Savannah Robar, RMFI's Volunteer & Partnership Coordinator, at [email protected] or 719-471-7736 ext. 4#!

    Bring a water bottle and plenty of water, sack lunch, rain gear, eye protection (sunglasses will do), sunscreen, any other personal items needed to spend the day outside, and a backpack to carry your things. Wear sturdy & weather-appropriate clothes (long pants are required), and work shoes or boots (NO open-toe shoes). We have work gloves to loan but you are welcome to bring your own if you have them. For overnight programs, we will provide a packing list.

    We run our workdays through light rain and other mild weather conditions. Please check the forecast and come prepared.

    However, if we have to cancel for hazardous weather, or any other reason, we will notify registered volunteers via email no later than 1.5 hours prior to the start of the workday (sooner if possible) and will also make phone calls to volunteers as needed. If you need to cancel your registration, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can try to find a volunteer to replace you. We plan our work tasks, equipment, and staffing based on the number of volunteers signed up.

    Unfortunately, we cannot allow your fluffy friends to join us on our volunteer day. While we love our animals, pets are not permitted at any of our volunteer events due to safety concerns, their impacts to wildlife, and other risks involved. 

    Crew Leaders certified through the Pikes Peak Regional Crew Leader Training are welcome, and at times called upon, to assist us with leading volunteers when we have group sizes larger than our limited field staff can safely and effectively oversee. For more information about becoming a crew leader, visit our page detailing the Pikes Peak Regional Crew Leader Training.

    You bet! Groups are welcome on our open enrollment workdays listed on our calendar. If your group consists of 10 or more volunteers available for a minimum of 4 hours, we may also be able to schedule a custom group workday for you. Although RMFI does not require a fee for custom group workdays, donations from corporate groups and welcomed and highly encouraged to help cover our costs associated with running the event.


    Office Volunteering: During our field season (March-December), RMFI is often in need of office volunteers to help with data entry to keep our database up to date. This is a flexible position requiring 5 to 15 hours per week on an ongoing basis. Good computer skills, accuracy, and attention to detail are a must. If you are interested, please contact RMFI at [email protected] or 719-471-7736.

    Please direct your additional questions to Savannah Robar, RMFI's Volunteer & Partnership Coordinator: [email protected] or 719-471-7736 ext. 4#