Our Stewardship Programs

Our stewardship work involves completing high-quality trail and restoration projects with community stewardship volunteers, youth conservation corps crews, and RMFI's own Stewardship Crew. We complete projects all over Southern Colorado and only work on public lands to ensure our work impacts as many people as possible.

Community Engagement

Community Volunteer Opportunities

The primary way that RMFI completes its on-the-ground stewardship work is by engaging community volunteers. We believe that the protection and restoration of our public lands relies on cultivating an ethic of public stewardship, environmental responsibility, and action. For this reason, RMFI runs hundreds of stewardship days each year for folks of varying skill levels and interests, including youth, adults, and even youth/school groups and corporate groups!

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Creating employment opportunities

RMFI Stewardship Crew


RMFI also employs a professional field staff technically trained in trail and restoration techniques. The RMFI Stewardship Crew, or "Stew Crew", is frequently deployed in teams of 5-7, working nearly year-round maintaining the trails and natural areas in our favorite local parks and open spaces. The Stew Crew helps fill gaps when we're not contracting with a youth corps crew or working with stewardship volunteers so that we can maximize our field season.  

Training the next generation

Youth Corps Engagement


RMFI also partners with various Conservation and Youth Work Corps organizations, including Mile High Youth Corps and Southwest Conservation Corps, to educate and provide technical training to the next generation of environmental stewards. These young men and women work with RMFI on extended work hitches, often completely immersed in the backcountry, and help us to complete impressive on-the-ground work results. 

RMFI is a vital partner and resource in our trail building and reconstruction projects. Their expertise is invaluable.

Bob Falcone aka Hiking Bob

Types of Stewardship Work that RMFI Completes


RMFI constructs new trails to help facilitate sustainable and multi-use outdoor recreation opportunities for the public. 


RMFI complete maintenance on existing trails to help improve off-trail drainage and enhance their intended function.


RMFI completes a wide variety of ecological restoration activities designed to improve habitat and enhance the health and function of watersheds and riparian areas.


RMFI completes post-fire restoration activities to stabilize hill slopes, mitigate erosion and sedimentation, and re-establish native vegetation communities.


RMFI is a leader in completing environmental restoration and watershed projects in Southern Colorado. Land management agencies at the local, state, and federal level seek us out for our innovative trail and restoration solutions and our ability to leverage dwindling financial resources and rally community stewardship volunteers to accomplish the work. While we work throughout Southern Colorado and the Colorado Plateau, we focus the majority of our efforts in the Pikes Peak region.

Each year, we work at about 20-25 project locations all over Southern Colorado. We only work on lands that are publicly owned, which includes everything from parks and open spaces within the City of Colorado Springs all the way to 14,000+ foot peaks in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Find out more about our diverse project locations here

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