(RIM-FEE) n.

An organization of stewards and guardians, passionate about caring for the public land we all love and engaging our community to protect it.

Tomorrow's Legacy,

Protected today.

Rocky Mountain Field Institute actively engages thousands of community volunteers every year through the completion of trail and restoration projects that help conserve and protect our treasured public landscapes. 

About Us
Volunteer moving slab of granite

I've come to Garden of the Gods on an almost weekly basis for the past 3 years and it was fulfilling to finally be able to give back to it, even if just a little. The RMFI team is passionate about the work they do and it definitely gets passed down to the volunteers and keeps them motivated throughout the day as well. The entire team was kind, inclusive, knowledgable, and approachable. Can't wait to volunteer again.

RMFI Volunteer 2018

Upcoming events & news

RMFI Featured on Hiking Bob Podcast


RMFI's Executive Director, Jennifer Peterson, was recently featured on Hiking Bob's podcast. Topics covered include progress on the Devils Playground Trail on Pikes Peak, work on Kit Carson and Challenger Peak, and also on-going work in Colorado Springs and El Paso County Parks. Also discussed are the challenges of working during COVID-19, the expansion of the organization's scope of work, and much more.

Hiking Bob Podcast



The RMFI NATURE! Photo Contest, taking place from November 1 through November 15, 2020, celebrates powerful images that capture Colorado's dynamic, awe-inspiring, and invigorating natural beauty. 

The four categories of (R)estoration, (M)ountains, (F)lora/Fauna, and (I)interaction embody who RMFI is to the community and to our public lands. 

Finalists announced at RMFI's Virtual Fall ShinDIG on November 19 - Grand Prize Winner wins a pair of skis from Mountain Chalet! 

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Volunteer Workdays at Shelf Road

In addition to our volunteer workdays during our National Public Lands Day celebration in September, we are hosting additional workday at Shelf Road Recreation Area on October 17th & 18th! Check out out calendar for more information and to register!

Volunteer Calendar