Mt. Muscoco

Mt. Muscoco (8,020 ft / 2,444 m) is a peak on the ridge north of Mt.Cutler in North Cheyenne Cañon in Colorado Springs.
New trailhead sign for Mt. Cutler and Mt. Muscoco.

Mt. Muscoco (elevation 8,020 feet) is located within North Cheyenne Canon, a park managed by the City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services Department (CSPRC). The peak, accessed via the Mt. Cutler Trail, lacked a designated summit route despite increased visitation in recent years. In spring of 2015, the Rocky Mountain Field Institute (RMFI), CSPRC, and the Friends of Cheyenne Cañon (FOCC) collaborated on a trail improvement project to re-route approximately 2,500 feet of the user-created trail. Over the course of 6 workdays, a total of 73 volunteers donated 621 hours to build 67 timber steps, 9 rock steps with 5 linear feet of supporting outslope retaining wall, 6 cross-vanes with cobble cross-trail drainage, 2 large and 5 small rock check-dams, 1 rock water-bar, restored and seeded 175 linear feet of bottom social trail section, and obliterated and obscured 50 linear feet of the upper social trail section.