RMFI Cowbell

RMFI Cowbell

December 4, 2019 by Joe

A few quick programmatic updates here at RMFI...

First, we are thrilled to announce that Patagonia is supporting RMFI's work in the Bear Creek Watershed next year, to the tune of $25,000! Receiving this kind of support from one of the foremost leaders in the environmental movement is a huge vote of confidence for the work RMFI and others have been doing to protect the last wild, viable population of the greenback cutthroat trout. Thank you, Patagonia!

This time of year, we are living in the past, present, and future all at once. We are reflecting on the achievements we made over the course of the year, and reporting to our partners and funders about the work we accomplished at our project sites. We're living in the present, as we run field days at Garden of the Gods and TOPS properties until mid-December. And we are living in the future as we plan for 2020. We've got our fingers crossed for a handful of grant requests for next year, including an application to the Colorado the Beautiful program that would support an increase in scale for the Devil's Playground Trail Improvement Project. We are also anticipating added capacity to our Garden of the Gods Stewardship Program next year. 

We will share final 2019 figures early in 2020, but as of now RMFI is on track to run a grand total of 519 work days in 2019! Plans are still coming into place, but it's looking like 2020 will be even bigger than 2019. A huge shout out to all of the volunteers, partners, funders, land managers, and staff who have helped to make this year a success. So much cowbell!