Beaver Creek Wilderness Study Area Trail Project

Beaver Creek Wilderness Study Area Trail Project

The Beaver Creek Wilderness Study area is located on the southern side of Pikes Peak, just north of Penrose, CO. It is one of the largest and most rugged remaining roadless areas in the Front Range. RMFI has been working in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management since 2005 to repair the historic Trail Gulch-Beaver Creek Trail — a 7-mile loop trail that takes hikers through some of the most scenic terrain in the WSA. Much of the trail was constructed during Colorado's Gold Rush days.

Project Goal

To contribute to the stewardship of the Beaver Creek Wilderness Study Area by making critical repairs to the Trail Gulch-Beaver Creek Trail.

Project Objectives

  • Repair the existing Trail Gulch- Beaver Creek Trail
  • Complete a reroute of the Power Line section

Get involved

If you are interested in donating your time to this project or other similar projects, please check our calendar for workday opportunities or contact Elise Moeller, our Volunteer & Partnership Coordinator with any questions: 719-471-7736 ext. 4# or [email protected]